The National Association of Tax Professionals

The National Association of Tax Professionals

Client Interview - What Are We Not Asking, and What Can it Cost Us?

  • Topic(s): Practice Management
  • Presenter(s): Randy Lawshe'
  • Session#: 935-14
  • Session Length: 100 minutes
  • Program: NATP National Conference 2015
  • Date: Jul 22, 2015
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Client Interview - What Are We Not Asking, and What Can it Cost Us? - Details:

Have you ever asked a long-time client, "What was new this year?", only to have the client respond with a bored "Absolutely nothing."? You complete the return, review it with the client, and much to your surprise they suddenly remember, "Oh, I forgot to tell you we had a new baby this year!" In reality that doesn't happen too often, and is fairly easy to fix. But, too often, an unusual issue arises that is not covered in the annual client interview that could have serious ramifications. Asking every client every question would take enormous amounts of time and effort. Don't worry-there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In this session, we'll review a standard client interview, insert a few suggestions, and give insight about what to listen for that may prompt you to ask the necessary additional questions.

Upon completion of the session, you will be able to:
  1. Identify areas of tax law that are often overlooked in the client interview.
  2. During a client interview, determine whether or not additional questions need to be asked.