The National Association of Tax Professionals

The National Association of Tax Professionals

Advanced Criminal Investigations

  • Topic(s): Federal Tax Laws
  • Presenter(s): LG Brooks EA
  • Session#: 932-14
  • Session Length: 100 min
  • Program: 2012 National Conference
  • Date: Oct 7, 2012
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Advanced Criminal Investigations - Details:

A very selective and highly trained division of the IRS conducts criminal investigations. This division of the IRS is simply called Criminal Investigation (CI). CI has been charged with the duty to investigate all potential criminal tax violations of the Internal Revenue Code as well as other related financial crimes. These investigations range from not only potentially complex corporate tax investigations, but also seemingly simple individual tax matters, which evolve to catastrophic investigations. This session is designed to explore and explain the CI process. We will review CI case initiations as well as prosecution recommendations and explore indictments to convictions. This session is designed to address the non-attorney tax practitioner's role with respect to IRS Criminal Investigations and to review the Tax Division of the Department of Justice.